Whitney Robbins is a Naperville native who loves the local community and wants to ensure that future generations enjoy the same levels of excellence, opportunity, and safety that she has always experienced here. As a wife, mother, and professional businesswoman, Whitney Robbins’ goal is to compassionately and wisely represent the people of Naperville as a city council member, helping to lead the community responsibly through the challenges that lie ahead. 


Lifelong Resident

Whitney Robbins, a lifelong Naperville resident, is passionate about our community - for what it is today and what it will offer in the years to come. Raising three school-aged children with her husband in the same neighborhood where she grew up, Whitney is dedicated to giving as much back to Naperville as the city has given to her.


Experienced and Committed

In Whitney's 20+ years of working for a Fortune 100 telecom company she has held several leadership roles and is responsible for customer relationships - focusing on their experiences, retaining revenue and developing new accounts. 

Already serving as a liquor commissioner for the City of Naperville and heavily involved in local non-profits like Hesed House and the Mayor's Charity, Whitney believes now is the time to further invest in the community by serving on City Council.

Dedicated to Naperville’s Safety and Sensible Growth

By serving on City Council Whitney believes she can offer guidance toward sensible, sustainable economic development and ensure that Naperville stays the course on public safety. As a mom, professional businesswoman and proven community leader, Whitney has the skill set and drive to compassionately and wisely represent Naperville residents as a member of City Council.